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Tiny robots could help infants with rare diseases. Watch one in action (January 2018)
Our robotic implant published in Science Robotics is featured in Science Magazine News.
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Hamlyn Symposium Workshop (June 2017)
We are organizing a workshop at the 2017 Hamlyn Symposium for Medical Robotics entitled First in Human consisting of a series of personal narratives by researchers who have taken their work from the lab bench to human trials.
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Lab Alum Wins NSF Career Award (January 2016)
Aaron Becker, now an Assistant Professor at U. Houston received an NSF Career Award for his proposal entitled Massive Uniform Manipulation: Algorithmic and Control Theoretic Foundations for Large Populations of Simple Robots Controlled by Uniform Inputs

Self-Assembling Robotic Gun Will Shoot Through Tissue Inside Your Body (June 2015)
Our research on MRI-powered Gauss guns is featured in IEEE Spectrum.
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Metal-MEMS for cardiac tissue approximation. Concentric tube robot. Metal-MEMS for cardiac tissue approximation. Shoe-and-tell exhibition, New York, 2012. Concentric tube robot, torsional angle measurements. Concentric tube robot, drive system. MRI-actuated needle-steering lego robot. In vivo experimentation in a beating heart. Robot enters internal jugular vein and
navigates through the vasculature into the right atrium.

Overview of the Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Lab

In July 2010, the Biorobotics Lab moved from Boston University to Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, our mission being to embed our team of creative young engineers in a world-class pediatric hospital where they can identify and solve critical healthcare problems through the creation of new technology.

We solve theoretical and practical problems in minimally invasive surgery. We specialize in medical robot and instrument design, development of imaging techniques for surgical guidance, modeling tool-tissue interaction and teleoperation/automation of instrument control. We utilize analytical tools from robotics, dynamics, and control, together with innovative design techniques to create successful solutions.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds with degrees in mechanical / biomedical / electrical engineering and medicine. Their specialties range from biomedical robotics, clinical practice and imaging, to product design and many areas in between. Please explore our work, and feel free to contact us.